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Creators are on something


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This man is the future.

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free my nigga tuition



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butthurt white people

I love how they rlly hate to see someone doing better than them & then put it off on race like if a white dude had the same achievements no one would be doing anything but sucking his dick and patting him on the back like this is some top tier hater shit & it’s so funny

White people love to bring up affirmative action as if their entire lives aren’t a fucking breeze

So because they’re white and weren’t able achieve what he did it’s impossible for him to have achieved it without having the “privilege” of being black? Because of course all these schools just randomly out of the blue said “let’s accept this kid who’s not as hardworking as other potential students just because he’s black” *sarcasm* . Had this been a white person they all would’ve congratulated him and moved on, if he were asian they would’ve made dumb “asians are nerds” jokes, if they were Hispanic they would’ve complained about “non American ” students taking spots within Ivy League schools away from “real Americans”. White people just hate to see anyone but themselves winning. People like this can kiss my black ass and bathe in their white tears. Congrats to this young man!

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